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We excel at identifying and filling the needs of USA ecommerce niches and micro-niches.
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Some of our sites produce excellent revenues from less than 2000 unique monthly visitors.

How? By offering visitors exactly what they're looking for. We provide answers and solutions to their issues and problems.  It's that simple.

Because our USA ecommerce back-end systems are highly automated and as "virtual" as possible, we can operate dozens of income producing websites as easily as some companies run one.

Automation allows us to handle large volumes of business without spending excessive amounts of time or money.

We're often able to set up a new online business within a week or two of conception, with very little additional cost.

Portals and Directories

The purchase of an established web portal in 2005 helps us compete with much larger competitors in much bigger markets.

This year's launch of several branded sites will help increase targeted traffic to our ecommerce sites.

Many of our "interest communities" function as mini-portals by bringing people together who share an interest in buying, selling, and exchanging information on a subject.

Incremental revenues show an excellent ROI from these activities.

The Future

Every day more consumers are coming online around the globe, and our USA ecommerce websites will be waiting to fulfill their needs and wants.

In 2014 we plan to launch over a half-dozen consumer product sites.

We are actively seeking relationships with synergistic consumer products companies and solution providers in the Far East, India, Central and South America.

Let's discuss the opportunities if you're ready to expand your customer base, want to dominate your niche, or can provide unique consumer solutions.