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USA Consumer Products is a pure play Internet company that owns and operates niche product websites selling to USA consumers, as well as buyers and shoppers worldwide.

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Our mission is to consistently create profitable ecommerce websites, and then improve their profitability through innovative Internet marketing and traffic-generation techniques.

The Internet's high growth rate supplies an endless number of new business opportunities for USA Consumer Products

Our well established infrastructure provides a low incremental cost of entry for appropriately scaled web businesses. This allows us to easily expand into new consumer and B2B markets.

While other Internet companies worry about negative cash flow, raising venture capital, committee meetings and recruiting new employees, we focus on creating and marketing profitable web properties using our pre-existing systems and resources.

We continually research and implement "bleeding edge" Internet marketing methods and automation to discover new ways to create value, and to improve our existing ecommerce business models.

Our goal is to create new income-producing USA consumer products websites, while maximizing revenues from our existing Internet properties.