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This USA internet company began as a home-based sole proprietorship in 1978, selling used racing bicycles through classified ads.

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Sales exploded in 1980 when the founder began advertising in national publications. To keep pace with demand he partnered with a small fulfillment company and revenues took a big leap when they began marketing via direct-mail.

In the mid-80s the partners began wholesaling business supplies to Digital, Wang, Prime Computer and other high-tech companies. During the early '90s they easily envisioned the Internet as a lucrative B2B sales channel.

It was several more years before the web became consumer friendly. By 1999 they owned over a thousand niche domains and began selling on the Internet.

The growing company merged with an online retailer in late 2003, and the new Board of Directors reorganized the company as USA Consumer Products

The Team

We are a small, tightly interwoven group of seasoned business managers. Our core competencies are traditional:
About Us - The Team
  • marketing and sales
  • content and product development
  • financial systems
  • network administration and security
  • project management
Our strength lies in the real-world perspectives we bring to online business, as well as our ability to translate the needs and wants of consumers into dynamic technological systems.  "We know business... and can transfer it to working technology."

While each principal maintains an area of specialization, each team member is knowledgeable in, and participates in multiple aspects of the business.

Rita Roberts, Chief Financial Officer, interim CEO

Rita is a Business Systems Consultant and an ACL Certified Trainer.  She provides consultative support to executive management and Boards of Directors on issues of financial systems strategy, positioning information systems to enhance the efficiency of organizational operations, and the quality of internal controls. She brings over twenty years experience as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Rita's skill at managing diverse financial systems and her ability produce almost clairvoyant financial projections, directly contributes to the company's bottom-line success.

Clarence Young, Chief Technology Officer

Clarence's primary expertise is in designing, developing, and delivering integrated technology solutions.  He's a leading consultant in ERP systems and carries numerous certifications in major technologies. He has consulted and partnered with many of the top system integrators including: Honeywell, Sun Microsystems, Raytheon, and Compaq. In addition, he has held consulting engagements with SAP, IBM Global Services, and Deloitte & Touche.  Clarence's knowledge of application development, Internet protocols and network architecture, provides the bedrock for all our ecommerce operations.

Career Opportunities

To work effectively with our USA internet company you should have a thorough knowledge of your area of expertise, coupled with an ability to learn new skills and contribute across the board.

The Internet has a language all its own and we require people who speak it fluently. You should be well-read across a broad spectrum of issues and topics beyond your specialization. A natural curiosity about people, cultures, and technology is a plus.

The following positions are open:

  • Niche Site Manager
  • Remote Server Administrator (Apache/unix)
  • Web Development Interns (two)
Employees are eligible for performance-based bonuses, a full benefits package and generous perks. If you feel you have the necessary qualifications, please use our response form to contact us.

Note:  We do not accept telephone inquiries regarding employment.